Watch Your Language [with Google Ads]

Google Ads has a number of different settings available that can have a dramatic affect on your Pay Per Click performance.  One of the most overlooked elements within Google ads is the language setting. 

Where Most People Go Wrong

Most advertisers tend to think that if the website, keywords and search ads are in English then by default people generally select the English language.

This makes sense until you recognise how Google categorises user’s language.

How Google Defines Language

Firstly, the Google domain used impacts the default language shown in the search results, for example defaults to English, whereas uses French.

Also, the language in the search results can be adjusted by the users to which ever language they prefer. This becomes particularly important with people whose first language is not English. For example in a Spanish speaking person who is in England can have their browser language set to Spanish and search on

For this person, they would only be shown adverts which are in Spanish and are targeting people within England. In the same way, if your Google ads setting was just set to English, then this person would not see your advert.

For this reason, using one language within Google ads should be avoided and we need to test using multiple languages, which your audience may be using.

Analyse Your Data Before and After Making Changes

The way to do this is by looking at Google Analytics to look under language, which will show you this information based on the users browser settings, from here you will be able to see those who are buying online and making sales already, so you can then include these into your PPC accounts.

What is important is to test and learn the different languages by looking at this data to increase your PPC impressions to those who are engaging, buying and generating revenue for your business.

Remember Google will not translate your ads into another language and you can’t see the language details within Google Ads, which is why you need to refer to Google Analytics to find other languages best on performance.

Example of Language Settings in Action

In the example of Canada, many people speak English and French, so you would need to have two campaigns running, one targeting English with English keywords and English ads, and another with French targeting, keywords and ads.

It is also recommended that for website which have multiple languages, that you also have multiple campaigns to support the different language on your site. 

This can be more of an advanced strategy to use and can be implemented when growing out your PPC accounts, as this will increase your impressions, impression share, along with spend, so you will need to factor this when running testing new languages.

Test and Learn

Always use data from both Google Analytics and Google Ads when making important changes to ensure you achieve the best possible results from your online marketing results.

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