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Conversion Enhancements

If you’re getting the visitors you require but very few of them are converting then you know that something’s going wrong.

Conversion enhancements

If you’re getting the visitors you require but very few of them are converting then you know that something’s going wrong. No business can survive unless it sees a sufficient ROI. Often fixing these problems just requires a bit of tweaking to be carried out, either to your content, site structure or the e-commerce mechanisms you are reliant upon. This is where our conversion enhancement service comes in. With a variety of techniques and web tools we are able to find out exactly what it is that’s driving customers away from your site and pinpoint the crucial adjustments that need to be made.

Sussex SEO offers the following services to ensure the correct conversion enhancements are made to your site:

Heat mapping – this allows us to track where users point the mouse and find out how they use your site. It’s one of the best methods we have of tracking activity in real time to find out what’s really going wrong.

Landing page optimisation - one way that things may be going wrong for you is if your landing page is not providing the visual roadmap your audience requires to navigate through the features on your site. With our expert team we can redesign your landing page to ensure it is as user friendly as possible.

Landing page copy adjustment – just as the design of the landing page may need adjustment so too can the copy need tweaking. Most internet users only read 20% of the text on any given page. This makes it even more important that the copy you have on your page is relevant, exciting and grabs the attention of the average viewer. Our expert team of copy writers will optimise your landing page copy to ensure it’s relevant, packed with appropriate keywords and leaps off the page so that your audience can’t help but continue to click-through onto the key content of your site.

Pay-per-click conversion tracking & pay-per-click keyword optimisation – as mentioned in our section on paid search marketing, pay-per-click is a proven method of obtaining conversions from sponsored adverts. However to run a successful campaign you need to be understand which adverts are achieving the conversions you want and which are simply wasting your budget. Optimising a PPC campaign is not an easy task but with years of experience we at Sussex SEO can ensure that your campaign is setup and maintained to achieve its maximum effect.

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