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SEO offers a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase of sales, profitability, and long term cost efficiency.

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You can have the best website in your industry sector but it’s not much good if no one can find it. Some people spend thousands on the site without considering how their users will discover it. Whilst it’s possible to retro-actively optimise an existing website it’s far more effective to integrate the optimisation process into the design of the site from day one. Historically customers would locate businesses and services through physical volumes such as the yellow pages whilst advertisers would reach out via TV and radio; in the age of the internet search engines account for more conversions than all of these sources combined. That’s right. If you’re website is not signposted then your customers are going to be diverted to your competition. Whilst pay-per-click ads can get you to the top of the search results they only last as long as your budget; they are not a long term solution.

The way to achieve a higher ROI and is through organic search results and the only way to achieve these is to prioritise your optimisation strategy from the get go. It’s an established fact that most internet users will not look further afield than the first page of search results on their chosen search engine. This is true of your customers or your clients – they don’t want to waste time finding your site. If your web presence is going to be a success then it is imperative that you land the highest search ranking possible. With our extensive experience in optimising hundreds of websites Sussex SEO can achieve the results you NEED.

Why We Are The Right Choice For You

At Sussex SEO we keep up to date with all the latest developments in the field of optimisation. This is essential as the major search providers introduce new algorithms, refine their search engines, and change the way in which search results are given authority and relevancy. Optimisation companies who don’t move with the time or keep up to date with the current state of their field will only be able to provide a temporary boost to search rankings. As a customer of these companies you may find that all your investment and hard work disappears into a black hole due to this un-dynamic approach.

At Sussex SEO we stay at the peak of our game through our extensive research, experience and understanding of the latest developments – it’s fair to say we stay at the tip of the tech mountain.

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Websites Built With Search Engines In Mind

Website Optimisation – we design and develop with SEO in mind!

We begin our process by performing a critical analysis of your current requirements as well as researching your competitors. Once we know this information we are able to develop a unique strategy to put you ahead of the pack and obtain the top spot that you need to attract the customer base that is vital to the success of your business.

Importantly we don’t wait until your website is completed to begin our process; we build the optimisation elements right in with the design of your site and we do it in such a way that these are easily adaptable to the changing face of the internet. Too many website designs are closed systems which are difficult to update without a large expenditure as well as the cooperation of individual web designers. Thanks to the way in which we create your site it’s easy to adapt and change the key elements due to the modular design and specific coding tools we use.

Link Building

External links to your website are extremely important to achieving the ranking results you want. Our experts will identify which external sites are best for you to receive links from and will negotiate the placement of these links on your behalf. This will ensure that the major search engines perceive your site as one with authority and choose to rank it higher.

Keywords what they are & why are they important

Key phrases are yet another essential aspect of the optimisation process. As a search engine user you know that when you’re looking for a particular page you will invariably type in a ‘key phrase’ containing ‘key words’ to reach it. Identifying the correct key phrases for your industry sector or business is something that we at Sussex SEO can do for you. We use advanced key phrase tools to identify what your customers are entering when they search for a business like yours.

One On One Digital Marketing Training

If you’ve had any previous experience of running a website you’ll be aware that they can involve a certain amount of on-site upkeep. This can be expensive if you’re constantly forced to employ a web developer every time you want to update or change a component of your site. At Sussex SEO we can provide you with content management tools that allow you to make basic updates and add additional content. This empowers you in the fine tuning of your site as well as reducing the overall running cost. With the help of Sussex SEO your business can adapt to the internet just like we do.

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