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A successful, digital strategy is based on a correct analytics setup of your website and your business.

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Historically marketing agencies have chosen to develop their strategies based on market research. In the online marketplace the successful web developer must still follow this traditional approach but with some important contemporary additions. Indeed, a successful approach is one that is multi-faceted and as intricate as the web itself. We all know that ‘keywords’ are the key to getting the required results from search engines, but keywords alone are only one piece of the puzzle.

As the world of optimisation responds to the ever changing landscape of the algorithms it encounters from Google and other search providers it too must become more sophisticated.

In today’s world keywords are only one tiny piece of the optimisation process. The web-developer or successful e-merchant must consider multiple factors if they wish their site to be discoverable and achieve the success they hoped for; visitor engagement, behavioural tracking, social media, and conversion tracking via way of analytics are all essential. A single approach is no longer one that is viable; only by taking one that is multi-pronged can you achieve the results you’re looking for.

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After your free consultation with one of our SEO specialists we will tailor an Internet marketing strategy that suits your business and your unique requirements. Part of this process involves assessing your existing web content and your current branding to ensure it’s robust enough to achieve what is required to succeed in today’s internet climate. We then work with you to bring it up to date or adapt in just the right way to ensure you achieve the search results you desire. We assess how many incoming links your site has and how best to utilise social media to ensure maximum exposure and connectivity with your target demographic. Our services aren’t short term solutions. With Sussex SEO you can be sure that our results are here to stay.

Of course search engines are constantly being updated but with us on your team you will stay ahead of the competition; we have expert knowledge and we instantly update ourselves with developments in our industry.

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The Online Marketing Mix

There are literally hundreds of factors that need to be evaluated to ensure you get the correct ‘marketing mix’. In the modern age of e-commerce your company website is the hub which represents your business to the outside world but it must be examined in tandem with all other aspects of your marketing mix. Public relations, direct mail, print ads, radio and TV spots and other offline components must all be analysed to ensure they correctly support your web campaign.

Creating a single brand, on or offline is about the adoption of a cohesive strategy, but never more so when adopting an approach that leans towards maximum optimisation of your web presence. Maximum web presence means maximum conversions. Maximum conversions ensures maximum profitability.

Customer Engagement Should Be At The Core Of Your Strategy

Google is an incredibly complex tool, and one capable of recording a variety of metrics that if used correctly can spell success for your website. Not only does it track the number of times your links are clicked and the keywords on your page but also how long people stay on your website, as well as people bookmarking you on social media sites like Facebook and Stumble Upon.

You want people to stay on your site once they visit as this increases it’s relevancy to search engines – visitors leaving too quickly will have an adverse effect on your rankings as this tells the search engine you are not an authoritative source.

If you want your online presence to be a successful one then your internet marketing strategy must be one that includes a slick, modern and beautiful website – one that holds a customer’s attention and reflects the message and spirit of your branding. Repeat visitors, whether they discover you through organic listings or pay-per-click, are the core ingredient to boosting your rankings with the search engines. At Sussex SEO not only can we map the current state of your online strategy and then update it, but we can design and build a beautiful cutting edge website that works is built with your new successful strategy in mind. Every line of text, every image should be propelling you further up the ranks of search relevancy.

We are a medium sized business and offer a bespoke service to all our clients. This ensures we work directly with you throughout the whole process.

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