Month: March 2017

When starting a new web build/SEO project, one of the first checks we perform is to ask a very simple question. Does the website we are working on look like/feel like a “big” brand and does the site comply with Google’s web quality guidelines. What are Google’s Web Quality Guidelines? In addition to its algorithms, … Continued

It has been well documented that Google has been using a machine learning/natural language processing technology called “Rankbrain” (which is an extension of its Hummingbird algorithm) to help deliver more relevant search results since 2015. Since the start of 2017/end of 2016 there has been a significant observable shift in the type of results returned … Continued

When SEO companies are working on a client’s project, they need effective analytical and tracking tools to monitor the traffic and online growth of the website. Agencies that are working under a strict budget can use some of the most beneficial yet free SEO tools that the market currently offers. Free and freemium tools are … Continued

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