Month: August 2016

Google is the most widely used search engine in the word fielding over 3 billion searches daily however when you remove the reverence afforded to it, Google is a still nothing more than a black box who inner workings simply attempt to calculate the relevance of a document vs a user’s search query/keyword. If you … Continued

All too frequently new clients present me with their desire to rank for one or more high traffic short tail keywords. Without laying the foundations this can be difficult and risky to the long term health of a website. Depending on the clients niche I recommend using a long-tail keyword strategy where possible as this … Continued

Everyone in the search industry knows what Pagerank is and how it works, for those of you not 100% here’s a quick recap; Pagerank is the best known algorithm used by Google to help determine where websites should rank in their search engine index. PageRank is a means of measuring the reputation of a website/page. … Continued