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We all tend to be attracted to different things, right? Well, that is human nature.  How many sites have you visited in the past 24 hours? Did you revisit them? Actually, why are you on this site? We bump into various websites on a daily basis; however, if we choose to revisit the site, then … Continued

With so many factors affecting your search engine ranking, it is sometimes hard to tell what is currently giving your site a boost – even if you are not focusing much attention on SEO at that particular moment. Google works in mysterious ways, you would need a lot of case studies, and research to actually … Continued

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The blogging job seems simple enough – find out what people want to read and give it to them. Online crowds are a plentiful source of inspiration like that, but even the most resourceful blogger can sometimes run out of ideas. In between evergreen topics, trending keywords, and common issues that people keep struggling with, … Continued

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Reputation is critical to the success of any business. People pay attention to what is being said about your business and this largely influences their decision to buy from you. The good news is that in today’s world, you can use social media to effectively control how people see you in the marketplace and properly … Continued

There is little denying that competitive analysis is one of the primary steps needed to give your site a boost in the search engine. Unfortunately, many people tend to miss this step. Instead, they jump into optimising content, social media, keyword research, or even link building. Nonetheless, good competitor analysis can bring you one step … Continued

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Skip Hire UK group is expanding its online presence in order to reach out to more people all across Sussex and its environs and offer friendly and reliable skip hire services from a company that can be depended on for quality any time and any day. The company aims to accomplish this feat by entering … Continued

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There is no point in having a high-ranking website that no one wants to read. Likewise, there’s no point in having great content if no-one can find it. If you are looking to increase your traffic and obtain more leads, then the combination of high-quality content and a good SEO strategy is crucial to the … Continued

One major issue with blogging is the ability to continuously create great interactive content as often as possible. It is belabouring sometimes and requires a good amount of effort to arrive at those posts that are shared on social media and stand out. The good news is that you are not alone. Everyone has seasons … Continued

Our Managing-Director Mark Bryce-Sharron was recently interviewed by Maria Silvia Sanna from the team over at Wordlift. For those not in the know, Wordlift is an SEO tool that we’ve found is an essential short cut when working with the semantic web and structured data. Mark spoke to Maria about his unique insights into the semantic … Continued

When starting a new web build/SEO project, one of the first checks we perform is to ask a very simple question. Does the website we are working on look like/feel like a “big” brand and does the site comply with Google’s web quality guidelines. Table Of Contents:1  –  What are Google’s Web Quality Guidelines?2  –  … Continued