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It has been well documented that Google has been using a machine learning/natural language processing technology called “Rankbrain” (which is an extension of its Hummingbird algorithm) to help deliver more relevant search results since 2015. Since the start of 2017/end of 2016 there has been a significant observable shift in the type of results returned … Continued

When SEO companies are working on a client’s project, they need effective analytical and tracking tools to monitor the traffic and online growth of the website. Agencies that are working under a strict budget can use some of the most beneficial yet free SEO tools that the market currently offers. Free and freemium tools are … Continued

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I didn’t intend to get into SEO, and I definitely didn’t expect to end up running my own company. Rather, I started out thinking I’d be a first responder (paramedic) or social worker of all things. In college, I dropped out of computer science and took philosophy and psychology, the transition into SEO happened purely … Continued

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Once upon a time (4-5 years ago), on page SEO involved forcing your primary keyword into the title, headings and body text of the page you are trying to rank.  Not too dissimilar to the way Yoast SEO and most bloggers guide users nowadays.   If you wanted to rank highly for a specific term, you … Continued

Back in 2014, Sussex SEO we went looking for a solid UK WordPress host to partner with and stumbled onto FreshSites. We have had a really good experience with them and have since built a strong partnership thus felt it was only fair to give them a shameless plug on our site: Table Of Contents:1  … Continued

Think of SEO links as the corridors connecting different rooms within a great house. Now let’s put a content marketer in each room of the house, lock the corridors and hide the keys, while we tell them that there is a spare key in the rooms.  With the corridors gone, each marketer either searches for … Continued

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SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing that a business can have for their site. While some people may believe that SEO is a one-time thing, this is not the case, and in fact search engine optimisation is a daily, on-going process that needs to be kept up in order to … Continued

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Sussex SEO, in partnership with 247 Drainage UK, has launched a brand new nationwide network of sites dedicated to providing twenty four hour a day emergency drainage and plumbing services to the entirety of the UK.    As homeowners will agree, blocked drains and toilets never occur at the best of times, and often such blockages … Continued

Google is the most widely used search engine in the word fielding over 3 billion searches daily however when you remove the reverence afforded to it, Google is a still nothing more than a black box who inner workings simply attempt to calculate the relevance of a document vs a user’s search query/keyword. If you … Continued

All too frequently new clients present me with their desire to rank for one or more high traffic short tail keywords. Without laying the foundations this can be difficult and risky to the long term health of a website. Depending on the clients niche I recommend using a long-tail keyword strategy where possible as this … Continued