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We’ve all witnessed the incredible rise of YouTube. In the last 10 years video content has become one of the most popular focuses of the Internet.

We’ve all witnessed the incredible rise of YouTube. In the last 10 years video content has become one of the most popular focuses of the Internet, and almost every major brand has recognised the incredible marketing power of this medium. We can help you take advantage of it, creating compelling video content that entertains your viewers, and using our SEO expertise to optimise it.

If you already have your own video content then we can work with that too, making sure more people see it than ever before and taking advantage of the unique SEO properties of video.

Video Creation

The most important part of your video is the script, and of course that’s where we’ll begin. Our writers have a huge amount of experience creating high performance marketing videos with a clear strategy and an effective sales message. Alternatively, they can create entertaining content that draws people to your website and builds an audience for your company. It all depends on what is right for your product/service and your brand. If you aren’t sure we’ll be happy to advise.


It used to be expensive to produce video content, but thankfully those days are gone. These days it’s possible to create impressive, professional looking videos on an extremely tight budget. Whether you need live action, animation, or something even simpler, we’ll work with our production partners to create a video on a budget that your small business can afford.

Traditional Digital Video Production

Videos are hard to make and that is exactly why search engines put such an emphasis on them for ranking but this is also the beauty of the system. When you take the leap it puts you head and shoulders above your competitors. Every business owner now has a broadcast channel at their fingertips and with it an incredible opportunity to share your message.


Making digital videos is by nature a bespoke offering but depending on the message it is possible to keep things extremely simple and offer a variety of solutions / packages.

Video SEO

Now that you’ve got your video, we will make sure that plenty of people see it. We’ll use our expert SEO techniques to get your video to the top of the search results, in both Google and YouTube searches. We’ll also identify the search terms that are likely to yield the best results.

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