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Almost every business seems to have some kind of blog these days, but few businesses are doing it right.

Your blog – the voice of your brand and a boost to your rankings

Almost every business seems to have some kind of blog these days, but few businesses are doing it right. A blog can be a persuasive piece of marketing communication, but it can also form a highly strategic part of an effective SEO strategy. We’re experts at creating blog content that meets both requirements.

Content marketing

A blog allows you to provide regular and timely long form content to your audience. Like any other piece of writing, this can be used as a persuasive tool. The important part is finding the right strategy based on your marketing goals. We’re happy to help you come up with a content marketing strategy, or if you have your own ideas then we can help you adapt them for SEO purposes.


For example, if your goal is to get your existing customers to purchase more expensive products and services, then we can prepare a blog that showcases the comparative benefits of these products. The more your customers know about your products, the better decisions they can make. While your main site copy should be sales performance focused, your blog should have a softer, more consultative approach.

Many businesses find that informed customers are also far more engaged. An example would be an online bookmakers who choose to educate their customers on betting strategy in order to build an enthusiastic and active customer base. It stands to reason that if you educate your customers, let them know how applying new knowledge will benefit them, then they will be eager to test it out.


If your goal is simply to acquire new customers or leads, rather than capitalising on your existing audience, then a blog can help you with that too. Your blog serves as the mouthpiece of your brand. The tone and content of your blog will vary depending on the brand you are trying to create, but any regularly updated and well written blog will present an image of a reliable and competent business who are experts in their field.

Blog SEO

The harsh truth is that Google doesn’t care about your business. They care only about the quality of the search results they serve to their visitors. They aim to serve up two things: the highest quality sites, and the most relevant sites. That goal will never change, and any future refinements to Google’s search processes will just bring them further to that goal.

That means the best way to have a truly future-proof SEO strategy is to concentrate on building a site full of high quality, relevant content. A blog is a fantastic way to do that.

Here at Sussex SEO we focus on both quality and quantity. That’s because the more quality content you have, the better Google’s algorithm will assume your site to be, and the higher it will place in their rankings.

Of course, it also has to be relevant to the search terms you need to rank for. Our technical staff will find the most profitable search terms and the very best keywords to boost the ranking of your business, and ultimately significantly improve the amount of traffic head towards your site.

Then, our expert wordsmiths will weave the keywords into your blog posts without compromising the quality of the content.

The best part is that we have developed a model to price these services at a cost that even the smallest businesses can afford.

If you’re interested, then give us a call today to learn more.

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