10 Opportunities to Increase Traffic Without Money

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In the modern world, with the considerable growth of platforms and audiences of the online world, the competition to attract traffic to your web-content has probably never been higher. Generally, web-content publishers will tend to invest in several resources such as time, money and effort to increase their web traffic to make their websites successful. Though the success of a website does demand your time and effort, the same is not true for financial investment. Money should not be the factor holding you back from trying to make your website as influential as possible. To help you with this, here are ten smart tools you can use to increase traffic on your site without the investment of any money:

1. Do Not Underestimate the Power of Social Media

If you are looking for any success in the virtual world the first and most helpful route is always the use of social media. Social media allows you to build a reputation for yourself that can attract people towards the content you create on your website. It also helps you generate a base for what kinds of people are most likely to be invited to your site so you can specifically target that demographic instead of wasting your time in targeting audiences randomly. Moreover, social media allows you to create your own brand or style of marketing based on your agenda, something that might not be possible if you pay a brand to advertise for you.

2. Upload Video Advertisements Regularly

The best part about creating your marketing website is that you can use platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Crackle to publish videos promoting your brand. One of the many advantages that YouTube tends to provide is that you can directly publish its videos on your own website as well. The point of using videos is to provide your audience with visual aid and graphics to attract their attention and allow people to share these videos through social media platforms. In an age where people are more likely to watch videos of marketing websites rather than reading their articles, videos can be beneficial ways of communicating your agenda and increasing traffic on your site.

3. Make Productive Use of Guest Posts

To increase traffic on your website, you also have to allow people who visit your website to make a productive impact on it if they choose to do so. Guest Posts are an excellent way to do just that and also make your audiences feel more included in your marketing agenda. From trying to live a healthy lifestyle to explaining some great advances in technology, these guest posts can feature a variety of topics that you feel are in tune with your website’s agenda. Primarily, these posts can also help bring a kind of diversity in questions which might attract a whole new demographic of people towards your website.

4. Be a Central Part of the Network Connection

Apart from generating your original content to attract people, another essential way to increase traffic is by being a central part of the online network. If you want your website to be among the top Google results when people search for content similar to yours, it is imperative for you to connect your site to other even more influential websites or links. It means that your website’s importance is determined by how many significant links it has in the online connection network. This phenomenon is the same as that of a person who is considered to be substantial under his connections with other very important people. The system of ranking pages in Google also works in the same way and thus increases the traffic on your website only if you are well-connected in the online community.

5. Focus Your Energy On Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to promote your site among business and other professionals without having to invest any money.

A media marketing manager of MHR Writer says that he learned the importance of email marketing through an act of a local retailer in a small village when he went shopping. He says: I was searching for a cowboy cap but was hesitating to talk to any. One guy, standing outside of a shop, screaming continuously: “Stylish jackets, coats, hats & caps. Come please come inside” He spoke with a slow voice when I reached closer to him: “Sir, why you are burning your beautiful face in the heat. Check the hats inside please.” His attention attracted me and I went into the retail shop with confidence. Finally, I purchased a cowboy hat. Individual attention always plays a crucial role for attraction.

The idea behind email-marketing is to construct a broader of people who are likely to access your website on a regular basis. This kind of marketing tends to attract more than just people who are already searching the web specifically for your type of content. It reaches out to communities and groups of people who will probably never search for your content on their own, so you have to lead them to it on your own to increase your audience numbers.

6. Do Not Ignore the Role of Web Analytics

A thorough study of the data analytics of your website can help you determine what kind of content is generating more traffic as compared to others. It allows you to focus on work that is proving to be more popular among your audiences instead of wasting energy into action that is widely unpopular. For example, several online writing services tend to focus most of their attention on assignment guarantee pages because they realize that it generates the most traffic on their websites as it attracts the most number of people. Similarly, most sports websites make use of their analytics to determine what games are most followed by their audience which allows them to invest more of their resources in favorite game days.

7. Be Interactive With Your Audience

Your best chance of learning what you are doing right or wrong on your website is through your audience. Try to establish a platform where your community of regular members can address you directly or communicate with you for a productive discussion. It is always possible that, as consistent readers of your content, they can provide you with some new ideas for improving that have not yet crossed your mind. This also makes users feel more included in the overall experience of using your website, which means that they are also more likely to return. Thus establishing a communication stream with people who interact with your content the most can help you increase, or at least maintain, your website’s traffic without having to invest any external resources.

8. Use Internal Linking

Several link-building strategies can help you increase traffic on your site, but the most important one is probably the use of internal linking. Internal linking has a two-fold purpose. Firstly, it increases the likelihood of people visiting multiple pages of your website instead of just one. Secondly, it establishes a particular theme within your content overall. The importance of developing an argument is that it keeps you focused on the original ideas of the website instead of including too many different kinds of approaches to attract traffic.

9. Productively Research Your Competition

Since the competition in this particular field is so high, it is essential for you to investigate what your competitors are doing right or wrong. This research can help you to avoid mistakes that they have already made or borrow ideas that have proved successful for them. Moreover, another advantage of this research is that it shows you what kind of content is already out there. This helps you to realize what kind of new material you can potentially generate on your website to access an untapped online audience.

10. Remain current

An essential part of operating successfully with an online audience is to remain updated with the new trends. Your website’s traffic will only increase if your content is regularly updated according to the needs of the time. This aspect requires you to invest time and effort into consistently researching the trends in your field and ensuring your content does not become too redundant or inadequate for your audience.

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